a journey through the fascinating jordan

hike it - val morteratsch

beeing surrounded by gratitude


glittering moments in the snow

n'oublie jamais

marseille and its unique charm

far niente

discovering italian lifestyle

in the jungle

a tropical garden in the city

hike it - val cavardiras

never give up until you reach the top

hike it - val Bever

looking for gnomes. fairies and other fantasticals

another planet

wandering in the welsh black mountains

a long short trip

crossing old and new paths in berlin

Hike it - grundlsee

a peaceful day in the heart of austria


the secret ones

yum yum

having a feast at the maltby street market 

treasure island

the whole beauty of sri lanka

too fast and too stylish

messengers annual championship in zurich

on the edge

the summer of twenty-twenty


purple makes it

a walk

what if

to be a bee

one carefree day

calm down

taking a deep breath

feeling good

like a phoenix rising from the ashes


it's time for storytelling